Sunday 10 April 2016

Grow your own Salad - Wasabi Rocket

Last year, I was introduced to a new variety of rocket at the Thompson and Morgan show garden - the Wasabi Rocket.

What about the flavour?
Similar to a traditional rocket with a hot peppery flavour, it also has the distinctive flavour of wasabi root. Essentially, it is like having wasabi in a salad leaf form.

How to grow?
You can buy Wild Rocket seeds from Thompson & Morgan here at the trial price of £0.99 (for 500 seeds).

Seeds can be sown from April to September outdoors.

When growing rocket, my personal preference is to harvest the baby salad leaves as a 'cut-and-come-again' crop. Simply sow seeds thinly into a seed tray at a depth of 1cm, and pick the leaves as your heart desires.

Water regularly to prevent bolting (when the plants flower prematurely and run to seed). Flea beetles can sometimes be a problem at the height of summer, drilling endless tiny holes into rocket leaves.

Seeds available from : Thompson & Morgan
As at April 2016, you can buy a trial packet of 500 seeds for £0.99

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