Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Easy way to Grow Watercress - Part 2: Plant out

Watercress growing in a container filled with water

Watercress is pretty easy to grow, as I have recently discovered!  A few weeks ago, I started my watercress plants (the easy way) and now, they are ready to be harvested.  I had a few plants that died when unexpected cold weather froze the water over, but overall, my success rate has been really good.
Once you have propagated your watercress by using the method described here, they are then ready to be planted.  Here, I have planted about five or six watercress "cuttings".

1. Plant your watercress cuttings by placing into a pot filled with some compost

2. Place the pot on a plate or into another container that can hold water

3. Fill the plate or container with water

Remember to keep topping up the container with fresh water, as watercress thrives in wet conditions.

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