Fusian Living is a UK food and gardening blog based in the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire.

Jo Jo Yee was born in Malaysia but spent most of her life in Sydney, Australia. She moved to the United Kingdom in Feb 2011 and lives with her husband in Buckinghamshire.

In 2015, Jo Jo was a contestant and finalist in The Big Allotment Challenge which aired on BBC2. Jo Jo has also written for Kitchen Garden magazine and currently has a monthly column 'Gardening tips for Green-fingered gourmets' in luxury cuisine and travel magazine, Good Things.

A note from me

Hi, I'm Jo Jo from the Big Allotment Challenge which aired on BBC2 earlier this year and is currently airing in Australia on the Lifestyle channel.

I hope you enjoyed the series - this is my personal blog where you can join me on my journey in food and gardening.

Thank you for visiting!

Jo Jo

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