Wednesday 25 May 2016

Growing Tomato & Zucchini in my greenhouse...

Tomato plants in the raised bed

Tomato seedlings

The last few months have been busy in our garden. My dream greenhouse build was finally completed and ever since, it has been a flurry of activity as we try to get all our seeds sown.  

Here is a quick look inside my new greenhouse.


This year, I'm growing a few tomato varieties that I've not tried before.

From seed, I've sown:  
  • 'Mountain Magic', a blight resistant variety with medium sized fruits (Thompson & Morgan),
  • 'Akron', a heavy cropper averaging 69 fruits per plant!? (Thompson & Morgan)
and picked up plug plants 'Artisan Golden' and 'Indigo Purple', which produce red black fruits.

I'm also growing old favourites like:
  • 'Sungold', one of the sweetest cherry tomatoes, ripens to orange (Mr. Fothergills), 
  • 'Tom berry', a heart shaped variety and
  • 'Tigerella', ripens to red with yellow stripes (Mr. Fothergills). 

Zucchini/ Courgettes/Squash

Once again, I've possibly sown too many zucchini seeds, but my favourites are these varieties by Franchi
  • 'Genovese' - pale green & tender even when they've turned to marrows, 
  • 'Rugosa Friulana' - unusual looking pale yellow, very flavourful courgettes.
  • 'Striato' with striped fruits, good for marrows too.
Also trying 'Spaghetti Squash' (with flesh like strands of spaghetti) and 'Sweetmax' butternut squash, both by Marshalls seeds.

Happy growing, everyone!

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