Sunday 22 February 2015

Sowing Tomato seeds - Fenda & Corazon

This year, I'm growing two new varieties of tomato: 'Fenda' and 'Corazon'. After all the excitement of The Big Allotment Challenge, it was nice to receive these seed packets from Marshall's seeds inviting me to do a seed trial.

Tomato 'Fenda' is a rose pink 'Rose de Berne' type tomato. It is fleshy and almost seedless, which will be interesting. Hopefully, they will be brilliant for making sauces and jams. 
Tomato 'Corazon' is an oxheart 'Albenga' type tomato. The fruits are large with few seeds and has a "superbly tasty, meaty flesh".  

Both can be sown indoors between Feb - May.

I sowed the tomato seeds into individual pots just over a week ago. The pots were placed on a tray on the window sill, where they were kept moist and got plenty of sunlight.

I'm impressed that my tomato seeds germinated so quickly.

It took just over a week!

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