Thursday 3 September 2015

Harvest in September

This year, I have been growing one of my favourite cherry tomatoes, 'Sungold'. You may recall I grew this variety on the Big Allotment Challenge last year in Episode 4 which won me a Best in Show award.

If you haven't grown 'Sungold' before, they are a flavoursome cherry variety which are orange/golden in colour. They are exceptionally sweet (Brix 'sweetness' rating of 9+) and are best eaten just as they are. Also in the garden are 'Tomatoberry', a heart shaped tomato with a sweet flavour. 

On the courgette front, I am harvesting some zucchini 'Genovese'. With pale green, mottled skin, I like this variety best for it's delicate skin and delicious fleshiness.

Less successful were the patty pan squash. The plants are now huge and have plenty of flowers but the squash seems to rot quickly (due to constant rainfall) so I've started to pick them quick small.

We have harvested the last of the blueberries. Since early August, we have already picked three batches of a similar quantity from the same plant which is a really pleasant surprise. Our plant is grown in a container and we have had it for about four years now.

Sungold and Tomatoberry tomato seeds are from Mr. Fothergills
Genovese zucchini seeds from Franchi
Oregon sugar pod pea from Suttons

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