Friday 19 July 2013

Growing Gorgeous Vibrant Pink Swiss Chard - tasty too!

Swiss Chard is such a gorgeous, vibrant addition to the kitchen garden.  I love that their stems come in rainbow colours - bright pinks, yellows, oranges and of course, cream.  This variety is "Five Colour Silverbeet" by Thompson & Morgan, and is part of their Heritage Collection.

On the seed packet, it is described as "A 'rainbow' mix of vibrant stem and leaf colours maintained as an Australian heirloom."  Heirloom vegetables are "vegetables, flowers, and fruits grown from seeds that are passed down from generation to generation"; and having an Australian heirloom vegetable growing in my garden in the UK appeals to me, since I grew up there (and yes, I do miss home - a lot).

I sow seeds every couple of weeks, to ensure a steady supply of green leaves for harvesting.  Some seem to have bolted - I am guessing from the heat?  I simply cut the tall stalks down, and let them grow new leaves again.  

To harvest, I use a cut-and come again approach, by cutting the leaves at the base of the plant.  I really like the taste of Swiss Chard, and actually, they make a great substitute for the usual Asian greens like Kai Lan or Pak Choi, which don't seem to grow so well in the summer heat.

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