Saturday, 27 April 2013

Growing Chinese Vegetables: Grow Tatsoi

Tatsoi is a vegetable that I had not heard of until a few years ago when I started to grow my own vegetables.  It's an attractive looking vegetable with a rosette of leaves that opens close to the ground.  I have read here (Kitazawa seeds) that Tatsoi tends to grow flatter in the winter, but will grow upright during the warmer months.  Isn't that interesting?  The Tatsoi that I have planted has never grown big enough for me to see the full effect -- I harvest them as baby leaves, and then they always seem to run to seed.

Tatsoi stems are thinner than that of Pak Choi, and their leaves are round.  The flavour is quite different to Pak Choi too - there is a mild zesty tangy flavour to them which makes for an interesting change to the usual Chinese/Asian greens.  The baby leaves of Tatsoi can be used in salads as well.

I discovered Tatsoi when I bought this Suttons Speedy Veg - Leaf Salad Stir Fry mix and watched as the random mix of seeds grew into different vegetables, one of which was the Tatsoi.

Tatsoi and other vegetables in a box

After reading Dave's blog post on Tatsoi, I too, want to grow really big mature Tatsoi with leaves and stems that are fit for a proper stir fry.

Where to buy Tat Soi Seeds:
If you are looking to grow Tatsoi Seeds, you might try:
U.K :
Chiltern Seeds - Pak Choi "Tatsoi"
Dobies - Leaf salad Stir Fry

U.S :
Kitazawa Tatsoi seeds

Mr. Fothergill's seeds - Tatsoi
Four Seasons Herbs - Tatsoi

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