Tuesday 26 February 2013

Orchid Decoration Ideas - Tall Pot

While travelling through Bangkok airport last year, I saw the most stunning orchid display - strolling through the terminal, visitors were greeted with a sea of hundreds of elevated orchids perched high off the ground in tall containers that were about waist high.  It was a sight to behold!

So, I decided to try to replicate the Bangkok airport display, not at such a grand scale, of course (!), but I love the idea of tall leggy orchids with spectacular blooms that meet you at eye level.

We bought:

  • A tall planter pot - this one is by Stewart 38cm Aztec Midi in dark brown.
  • Grandiflora orchid potted plants (which have larger than normal blooms and are taller than your average orchid)

First, fill the planter with styro foam blocks.

Then, place a something (like an old plate or pot base) on top of the blocks, to catch any water that might drip out from the orchid pots.

Arrange the orchid pot plants decoratively on top of the plate and blocks.

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