Friday 11 February 2011

Easy way to propagate Lemongrass so it grows roots!

If you have always wanted to grow lemongrass, then you are going to love this simple method to get your plant started!  It took me just two weeks to get a lemongrass stalk to develop roots like this!

How to get Lemongrass to root
Recently, I picked two lemongrass stalks from our plant in the garden.  One still had some roots attached, and the other did not.  I placed them both into a cup of water and left them in the kitchen.

Two weeks later, they had started sprouting long roots and grown tall leaves.  It really did surprise me how much root they had grown.  One of them even started growing two new shoots!

(L) Lemongrass after two weeks in water (R) Lemongrass before

The weather has possibly been a contributing factor, as there has been a heatwave in Sydney, Australia in the last weeks where we have been experiencing an average temperature of over 35 degrees celsius daily.


1.  Get hold of a nice fresh lemongrass stalk from your local grocer. 

2.  Place the lemongrass stalk into a cup or vase filled with a little water (just enough to cover the base of the stalk). 

3.  Wait a few days and it will hopefully develop roots.

4.  After about two weeks, they should be ready to be planted out.

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