Monday 3 May 2010

Wake up and smell the Wisteria!

You know that spring has finally arrived when you wake up each morning to the lovely fragrant scent of wisteria. Its a scent that I can only describe as intoxicating as it infuses the air both in the house as well as outside and puts me into this dreamy like state. Even passer-bys walking hurriedly past our house pause for a moment to take in the sweet scent usually accompanied by comments of 'how lovely' it is.

Its one of the nicest things about living in a house so old that even the plants have lived here for longer than we have. Our wise old wisteria lives along the walls of our house and this year started to blossom mid April. By late April, all four sides of our house were completely covered with its floral display.

The dramatic change of our wisteria can be seen here on April 15th ....

and then just two weeks later on April 30th, completely covered with flowers and leaves!!

Our wisteria is the variety 'Chinese Wisteria' which has lilac-bluish flowers.

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