Sunday 25 August 2013

Fusian Living reviewed by Sainsbury's....

I always feel a boost of energy to write in this blog when a reader interacts with us on facebook or they leave a nice comment, but some of the best encouragement you can get, is when someone writes a good review about your blog.

Well, this month we had two of these wonderfully encouraging reviews!

The first was in an article on Healthline called 7 Food Gardening Blogs that will actually inspire you to garden.  Written by Sarah Li Cain, and alongside other blogs like Farmgirlfare and Northwest Edible Life, she says this about Fusian Living:

Globetrotter blogger Jo Jo has drool worthy photos which is worth the visit alone.  She grows your typical veggies plus Asian varieties if you’re looking for something unique. 
Her recipes are simple and easy to follow. You rarely have more than five ingredients you’d need at one time.  If anything, you can at least impress your friends with your knowledge of veggies such as mizuna, kailan and watercress.

And then, about a week later, I received an email saying that Fusian Living had been included in Sainsbury's list of favourite food blogs, and did I mind if they used one of my images in their review of this blog.  My answer to that, was that no, of course I didn't mind (!) and that yes, I would like to get involved in the Sainsbury's blogger community.  Here is a the review:

You’ll find green fingered Jo Jo plucking beans from the ground whilst tenderly nursing the baby beetroot and crouching quietly in the wild garlic fields of Buckinghamshire. Harvesting broccoli in summer and dries herbs for winter, it’s about bringing garden to plate all year round. Fusian Living is a frolick into the forest, bringing South East Asian and Chinese elements into growing, harvesting, and cooking.

I absolutely love this review by Sainsbury's!  And I am so humbled to have received such lovely reviews.

Happy reading!  And to all the other blogger's out there - thank you for putting your hearts into the creation of beautiful content that is so inspiring to others!

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