Thursday 11 July 2013

Growing Raspberries in a container or small garden

Raspberries can be easily grown in a small garden -- it is early July, and some of our raspberries are finally turning ruby red and are ripe for picking.  Raspberries are a surprisingly easy and low maintenance addition to the garden.  They do not need much care or attention at all.

Our harvest this year is a surprise - these raspberry canes were dug up from our old house, and thrown into a large planter that we bought to help us to transport them over to our new house.  They have been there ever since - too busy with our house move, we had neglected them until a few months on, when we noticed that they had started fruiting.

Once the fruit starts to ripen and turn red, you will need to net them off to prevent birds from pecking at them.  And believe you me, birds will spot these red gems from miles off, and it is bitterly disappointing to find your precious harvest reduced to nothing over the course of a day.  Even with our flimsy netting surrounding the canes, the birds still manage to peck at the fruit or cleverly manoeuvre their way through it.

If you have a small garden, you can certainly grow raspberries out of a container or planter.  Once planted, they will come up year after year, as their root system is perennial.

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