Thursday 15 April 2010

From East to Far West.....

From living in a contemporary shoe box sized flat amidst the dazzling city lights of Hong Kong, I've recently arrived in England to live in a humble 16th century cottage-like house with 'lots of character' complete with old beams, fireplace and an oversized garden needing lots of care and attention. My Jimmy Choo's won't work here, so I've traded them in for a pair of good old-fashioned Wellington boots (they are red and blue with multi-coloured polka dots so it ain't all bad!).

Rather than cry over my Choo's, I am now trying to create more of a balance in our lives by incorporating elements of Malaysian, Chinese with a dash of Australian influence into our daily living. I'll just call this my "Fusian Living" from this point forward. :-)

This year, inspired by "Jamie at Home" and the BBC's "Edible Garden" series, I am intent on making our garden not just beautiful but also feed us organic produce throughout the year.

Our harvest from 2009 - plums, figs, tomatoes and cucumber
We hope that our garden will also help fill the gap of Oriental vegetables which will fulfill my continuous cravings for Chinese and South East Asian cuisine.

Luckily for me and my smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom hands, we are fortunate enough to have inherited some established fruit trees and plants which should provide us with an ample supply of figs, plums and raspberries amongst other things. However, we will need to survive on more than just fruit!!

So, the coming months will see us working at our hardest in the garden to get our vegetable garden up and going... and being a first-time garden owner I'll need a lot of luck and good karma for this to happen!!

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